Feminem? or A$AP foxy?

**I’ve dropped out of SAIT to follow my true calling, becoming a famous rapper.**


We’ve been through a lot
I fought so hard to get your love
Everyday you were on my mind
Your smile
Damn, you shine
You are magic
You are light
You made my whole world go bright
Bright with opportunity
I told you I hated people
Now I talk to strangers everyday
You move me
I love you
Why couldn’t you stay
Why couldn’t you love me in that way
I feel so angry
Where the magic go

You tell me that it’s over
That somethings holding you back
This hand on your chest
Keeping you trapped

You tell me I don’t want you
That I don’t want a half
Half a heart
Half a soul
Half a partnership
In fact
Bitch don’t tell me what I want
I wanted you
I want you back

But I understand
I see your reason
I get it now
And I don’t need you

But I hold you there
In the corner of my heart
I hold out hope
One day the clock will strike
The time will be right
For you and I
And the magic will ignite


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