Can I put this tiny sombrero on your penis?



When I was younger I found this sombrero collection in our crawl space, because who doesn’t have a collection of different sized sombreros somewhere in their house right? One of the sizes was small enough to fit on like, a little doll, or a cat, which would be super cute and hilarious, but me being who I am, my first thought was that it was clearly the perfect size to fit on a penis; that night while I was fooling around with my boyfriend at the time (we are still friends, and I’m sure he will just love this throw back) I put this little sombrero on his dick and laughed forever.

Now this story is genuinely weird, but the best part was a few weeks later when we were all having dinner at my sister and her husband’s house, and my boyfriend felt it appropriate to tell my nephew-in-law that I like putting tiny sombreros on his dick as a strange form of foreplay, and I am not kidding you, I don’t think he had spoken to me since.

My life is one awkward moment after another, join the laughter.


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