I’m getting a maid


I have no forgotten about you, I am currently caught up in midterms, and work, and am drowning in house work. (I wonder if it is considered drowning if you have simply given up completely on house work.) My last grocery trip consisted of ready made food and like, 6 boxes of cookies, and today I treated myself to an ice cream sandwich for simply being alive, and hey, I damn well deserved that ice cream sandwich.

So as I turn a blind eye to my disgusting kitchen, the overflowing garbage in the bathroom that nobody wants to change, the fact that we have missed garbage day 2 weeks in a row, and that there is so much cat hair on every surface of my house, my clothes, okay so my entire life is cat hair, I think I have a lint roller in every room… Maybe I am becoming a cat, oh that would be so nice! I could just lounge around all day, the fatter I got the more people would love me… Where was I going with this?

Basically, becoming a student has really made me a bad ‘mom’ (to my father, and roommate), did you know that last year I made a full Thanksgiving dinner, everything from scratch, including dessert, it was glorious; this year I asked my dad if he wanted KFC.

The other night my friend waited for me to get off work so we could spend time together, and I proceeded to fall asleep; I am getting A’s though, so everyone be proud.


I love you all, wait more me.

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