When people decide to cut their hair, it’s cutting their hair, it’s not really a big deal, and when you ask them why, you will usually hear the response, “it was just time for a change.”

I cut my hair off yesterday, because it was time for change, but change within, not to my appearance.

Everyday I tell myself, and others, that true beauty is who you are, not how you look, and I genuinely believe that, I have met many beautiful and handsome people that were very ugly souls, but when I look in the mirror I find myself evaluating my hair, my face, and my body.

What if I lost my hair?

What if I burnt 90% of my body and was hardly recognizable?

What if I lost both my breasts to breast cancer?

How would I look at myself in the mirror then? Would I think I’m no longer desirable because my appearance ceases to fit into the socially acceptable standard of beauty?

I believe that we should all practice viewing ourselves everyday for who we are, because in a moment the way our bodies look could be forever altered.

I cut my hair because I associated my long hair with being beautiful, I cut my hair to challenge myself, and what I find comfortable aesthetically as to grow internally.


We must look in the mirror to seek the reflection of our souls, not of the body that holds them. That body can be cut, and burned, and broken; that body can be changed forever in an instant, but nothing can tarnish our stardust souls.

In changing the way we view ourselves, we may change the way we view others, in turn never allowing someone to feel less desired, or beautiful, simply because they look different.

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