End the stigma

Some people say their greatest fear is dying; for me, my greatest fear is losing control of my brain, because it would be as though I had died while my heart kept beating.


September 14th, 2015


Anyone who knows mental illness knows having a bad day, a down day; it’s not that you don’t know you’re fortunate, that you’re blessed and surrounded by love. You don’t forget any of this, you’re just low, you feel low, you feel lost, and even though you may know that love is there, you can’t feel it, you’re disconnected; then you feel bad that you can’t seem to climb out of this hole you have found yourself in.

It’s not always as simple as thinking about how blessed you are and being happy.

Sometimes you just have to survive it.



There are only moments to live for.


I’ve grown a lot since 2011 in many ways, but having the ability to look back and see that my fundamental values and outlook on life are about the same is a very grounding feeling.
Sometimes you can feel 100 miles from the path you started on, the one you’re trying so desperately to get back to, because you lack perspective; if you could      zoom out, you might just find it’s feet away, hidden by the trees.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hate when people say things like “I guess it’s different when you’re younger and have your whole life ahead of you.”

So when you’re 65 you should just give it up cause you don’t have your whole life ahead of you? In our society, our general mentality seems to be that the young have their whole lives and as the years pass we seem to have less and less opportunity, less life to live.

If right now I were to live till I was 88 I would have 60 years of life ahead of me, of opportunity and experience.
If I were 60 right now and lived till 61, I would have 1 year to live my life however I wanted to live it.
Your life isn’t over until your heart stops beating and nobody knows when that will be.
You get a diagnoses, you only have 3 months left; 1 year later you’re still alive, have you cheated death, or have you just kept living?
If you have one day left, is that not your whole life ahead of you?
If you have 60 years, is that not the same thing?
I don’t understand why life is measured in the amount of time we have to create a ‘moment’ and not simply the moments themselves.
You can have more profound moments in one day than in hundreds of day; if we all lived, not to seek more time, but to seek more moments, wouldn’t that be  better goal?