Challenge what is beautiful

Challenge what is beautiful

When people decide to cut their hair, it’s cutting their hair, it’s not really a big deal, and when you ask them why, you will usually hear the response, “it was just time for a change.”

I cut my hair off yesterday, because it was time for change, but change within, not to my appearance.

Everyday I tell myself, and others, that true beauty is who you are, not how you look, and I genuinely believe that, I have met many beautiful and handsome people that were very ugly souls, but when I look in the mirror I find myself evaluating my hair, my face, and my body.

What if I lost my hair?

What if I burnt 90% of my body and was hardly recognizable?

What if I lost both my breasts to breast cancer?

How would I look at myself in the mirror then? Would I think I’m no longer desirable because my appearance ceases to fit into the socially acceptable standard of beauty?

I believe that we should all practice viewing ourselves everyday for who we are, because in a moment the way our bodies look could be forever altered.

I cut my hair because I associated my long hair with being beautiful, I cut my hair to challenge myself, and what I find comfortable aesthetically as to grow internally.


We must look in the mirror to seek the reflection of our souls, not of the body that holds them. That body can be cut, and burned, and broken; that body can be changed forever in an instant, but nothing can tarnish our stardust souls.

In changing the way we view ourselves, we may change the way we view others, in turn never allowing someone to feel less desired, or beautiful, simply because they look different.

I’m getting a maid


I have no forgotten about you, I am currently caught up in midterms, and work, and am drowning in house work. (I wonder if it is considered drowning if you have simply given up completely on house work.) My last grocery trip consisted of ready made food and like, 6 boxes of cookies, and today I treated myself to an ice cream sandwich for simply being alive, and hey, I damn well deserved that ice cream sandwich.

So as I turn a blind eye to my disgusting kitchen, the overflowing garbage in the bathroom that nobody wants to change, the fact that we have missed garbage day 2 weeks in a row, and that there is so much cat hair on every surface of my house, my clothes, okay so my entire life is cat hair, I think I have a lint roller in every room… Maybe I am becoming a cat, oh that would be so nice! I could just lounge around all day, the fatter I got the more people would love me… Where was I going with this?

Basically, becoming a student has really made me a bad ‘mom’ (to my father, and roommate), did you know that last year I made a full Thanksgiving dinner, everything from scratch, including dessert, it was glorious; this year I asked my dad if he wanted KFC.

The other night my friend waited for me to get off work so we could spend time together, and I proceeded to fall asleep; I am getting A’s though, so everyone be proud.


I love you all, wait more me.

Be fucking brave

ES1Be fucking brave, don’t ever adjust yourself to fit someone’s idea of what is funny, or beautiful, or likable.

Don’t ever make yourself small to fit someone’s comfort level.

You are funny.

You are beautiful.

You are likable.

You are enough, you are plenty.

Be your authentic self, without apology to anyone, because you should never have to apologize for who you are.

All my life I’ve been told I’m too loud, that I’m obnoxious, too sassy, too blunt, too emotional, that I should be more humble; to anyone who thinks I would be more manageable or likable if I was less of a certain quality I say, with the utmost respect, fuck you.

I chose instead, to be fucking brave; I will not adjust who I am to make someone more comfortable. I am comfortable being the loudest in a room, I am comfortable being the most sarcastic and sassy person, I am comfortable pouring my heart out onto the floor and having it stay there in messy vibrancy, but more than that, I am comfortable with someone not liking me.

In a world that tells you, you should be more like “this” to be liked, chose instead to declare your love for yourself regardless of anything.

Believe that you are funny, witty, beautiful, and smart, that you are good at what you love, a good friend, and a good person; know that none of this will change if someone doesn’t agree. You will not stop being any of these things simply because someone doesn’t happen to see it, your value does not decrease because they don’t see your worth.

Be fucking brave

Stay inspired

At the end of a terrible day I lay my head down and wait for sleep, knowing in the morning the world will be different.

My brain will rest from this trying day and start again anew tomorrow, after The Earth has spun enough to bring The Sun back.

I wonder if The Sun ever has a trying day, if she ever feels tired or beaten down; I wonder if even light itself can become exhausted and wish, if but for a moment, she could stop and sleep, and reset again anew.

She has never been so selfish to us, as to take a moment for herself; she has always stayed, steady and shining for her entire world. To feel worn and still have the strength to shed light on every surface seems like a beautiful existence, she will burn out eventually and join all the other stars long gone before her, but to have lived an existence so selfless and true, to have been light, and shared light and been remembered as the brightest, strongest star, seems to me to be simple perfection.

So now at the end of a terrible day I lay my head down and think about all the beauty I saw, all the laughter I heard, even though I’m worn and tired, I think about every smile I received in return of my smile; I think about how I am not perfect, but how perhaps I’m that much closer to The Sun.

To The Light.

Thank you.



Welcome to Everyday Samantha, a little piece of me splattered here in messy vibrancy.

I write what moves me, I have no real plan or structure set out for this blog; just sharing myself, my thoughts, my views, and my stories with you, dear stranger.

So, thank you.



There’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst… and then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.